Defensive Driving & Evaluation


Defensive Driving and Evaluation     (1 Full day – Theory and Practical)

Defensive Driving is an attitude, a responsible way of thinking and reacting on the road.  It is a frame of mind in which we ensure that we drive with the highest degree of skill, safety and consideration for other road users.  The features which distinguish drivers from others is the ability to maintain required levels of concentration, and to anticipate, assess and respond appropriately to potential hazards continuously over long periods.

Defensive driver training raises the level of a drivers overall effectiveness by increasing awareness, placing more knowledge at a drivers disposal and sharpening skills of observation, perception and forward planning.

Training is conducted nationally on your premises.
NHPA provides vehicles for the practical training (Code 08/B), included in the price.
Training and training material is available in:  English, Zulu and Sotho.
Certificates are issued at the end of each training day.