Hijack Prevention / Security Awareness


Hijack Prevention / Security Awareness     (3 hours)

We are all potential victims of hijacking in South Africa.  It is a horrifying reality we confront each day.  Dedicated to achieving confident behaviour, this course provides step-by-step drilled instruction on hijack prevention & survival.


  1. To improve awareness enabling you to pre-empt a possible attack & avoid it.    
  2. How to get yourself, children / passengers safely out of the vehicle in the event of a hijacking.

Topics covered:

  • Motivation behind attacks
  • Factors that lead to attacks
  • Vehicle to vehicle attack / being followed
  • Risks whilst driving at night & how best to overcome them.
  • How to react during an attack, should you fall victim to the crime.
  • Practical around a stationary vehicle

Additional crime topics:

  • Smash & Grab Attacks
  • Housebreaking  &  Dog Poisoning
  • Auto bank crimes

Training is conducted nationally on your premises.
Certificates available on request.