Skidpan / Collison Avoidance


Skidpan / Collison Avoidance     (1 Full day – Theory and Practical)

This course offers great fun whilst giving you practical experience in controlling your vehicle in the event of a skid.  All the skidpan exercises teach you the essentials of skid control as well as dealing with slippery roads and adverse road conditions.

You'll quickly discover that controlling a skidding car often requires you to do the exact opposite to what your brain is telling you. One thing's for sure, you'll definitely be impressed with how much you learn about skid control.

Training is conducted at the Gerotek Training Facility in Pretoria.
NHPA provides vehicles for the practical training (Code 08/B), included in the price.
Training and training material is available in:  English, Zulu and Sotho.
Certificates are issued at the end of each training day.