“The NHPA has very successfully presented Hijack Prevention courses to GlaxoSmithKline employees. The Academy was able to tailor-make their courses to suit our exact requirements. GlaxoSmithKline highly recommends the services of the NHPA to all concerned.”
Rachel Mc Laggan
Human Resources Dept
GlaxoSmithKline SA (Pty) Ltd

“The Power group of companies employed the services of the NHPA to train all staff in the skills of hijack prevention from October 2004 – March 2006. The course was well received by all staff and most have attended on more than one occasion. I am pleased to announce that we have not had another incident of hijacking since October 2004. I would highly recommend the NHPA to anyone wanting to avoid this traumatic experience.”
Gary Hirst
Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Manager
Power Group of companies – Cape Town

“A BIG thank you for the excellent course presented by Richard on Friday. Having been on other ‘anti-hijack’ courses I thought it would be a mere refresher – it was that and so much more!
The insight that Richard offered is simply amazing (and frightening). Certainly made us think twice but more importantly has elevated our awareness and understanding of this scourge. Our chances of not becoming yet another statistic has most surely improved. My only regret is that we did not have more time.
I have no hesitation in recommending this course to the rest of the company.”
Craig McLuckie
Pfizer Laboratories
Regional Sales Manager
Vaal Triangle and Namibia

“Thank you very much for this course and information! It has made me realise that I’m not as wake-up as I thought I was! I have watched the DVD now several times and every time there’s something new to remember!”
Paula Hendriks
Sureslim Sinoville

“A very big thanks for a fantastic training session I was privileged to attend. I have learned a lot. Also a big thank you to Richard whom, in my opinion, is one of best presenters I have come across!!!! He really did it in a very professional but relaxed way so that, I believe, everyone present enjoyed and understood the importance of the matter.”
BAT (British American Tobacco Cape Town)

“I am writing to thank you very much for arranging the anti-hijacking course yesterday. Our entire department thoroughly enjoyed it – and that is a FIRST! The course was informative, interesting and extremely engaging. I personally would like my friends and family to attend this course. I have received some wonderful feedback. All the best and once again, thank you.”
Eleanor de Klerk
IT Admin Assistant
Caltex Oil (SA) (Pty) Ltd

“I had the opportunity of attending your Hijack Prevention & Survival Course and was extremely impressed by my experience. Thank you very much for a truly enlightening and valid workshop. Having had a gun to my head in a supermarket and having experience a smash and grab, having several cars stolen and been witness to a hijacking very recently, I found all your information 100% accurate and all your advice useful.”
Dylan C Wheatley

“Thank you for the excellent training programme you gave to our staff here in Lusaka. The course was most helpful and informative. This coupled with your humorous service delivery made it a very enjoyable day for all that attended.”
Mark Wardle
Security Manager
British High Commission Lusaka

“NHPA has been used by Renault international operations numerous times during the last three years. Their professional level as well as their highly developed pedagogical skills makes their courses stand out in a level of their own. Perfectly well organized, the training is given in a proficient and perfectly understandable way. Mr. Brussow is capable of sending out an important message about life and death in our everyday life. However, all this without using over dramatized methods or making his students feel uneasy about the matters tended.
I can with the greatest certainly recommend the services of the NHPA to any corporation or individual who is concerned about their personal security in the particular environment that South Africa is today.”
Charles Stoeng
Security Manager
Renault Export Ltd – Johannesburg Office

“I would like to thank you for a very well presented and informative morning. Well worth attending, and a must for all of the concerned South African motorists.”
Len Taylor
Siemens Limited

“JT International utilized the services of the NHPA during the course of last year. The entire course was presented in a professional, understandable and attention-grabbing format and we received very positive feedback from all our staff members. Through all the arrangements (due to the course being presented country wide), we found the NHPA extremely accommodating, helpful & professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any company for a similar service.”
Marchant Kuys
Managing Director
JT International SA (Pty) Ltd

“The NHPA has shown the highest level of professionalism and integrity and have never failed to meet my very high levels of expectation continuously and timeously over the last two years.”
Debbie Thurling
Lyndhurst Auto

“It is with pleasure that we submit this recommendation for your services. We would like to commend you in the way in which you dealt with the DaimlerChrysler contract in delivering a highly professional and effective Hijack Prevention course for all our staff. The NHPA has delivered an outstanding programme in that it is practical and the skills are relevant.”
Riana Richards
HRD Manager
DaimlerChrysler SA (Pty) Ltd

“Just wanted to thank you for a very interesting, thought-provoking, disturbing and thoroughly worthwhile course on Saturday morning.”
Mike Winfield
Motoring Editor – Pretoria News

“We have held several very informative courses for the staff of SANBS. Each and every time Richard presents an exceptional awareness of the dangers of hijacking and all staff members who have had the privilege to attend this course have commented that it has made a difference in their lives.
Richard is a brilliant presenter and his extensive knowledge of the crime situation in South Africa is mind-boggling. Since the introduction of the Hijack Prevention course into SANBS, there has been some change in the amount of crime related incidents involving staff and vehicles.
Richard’s expertise also extends as far as Advanced Driving courses, which we have experienced as well. The Human Resources Department have become aware of the invaluable importance of “Defensive Driver Evaluations” and are now starting to use this course as part of the interview process when appointing new drivers into SANBS.
The NHPA comes highly recommended.”
Gerrie Schoeman
Head: Safety, Health & Environment
South African National Blood Services (SANBS)

“It is with pleasure that Matrix Vehicle Tracking can confirm association with the NHPA. Matrix regards the NHPA as a valued alliance and would recommend them for any venture they pursue.”
Keith Rampton
Matrix Vehicle Tracking (Pty) Ltd

“I’d like to say how informative and helpful the course was on Saturday. Fortunately, I haven’t had the misfortune of being involved in any violent crimes, however I now feel better prepared to prevent them and deal with a situation. I would recommend this course to anyone – not only in South Africa but any country with hijacking statistics. The course is very professionally run, informative, relevant and entertaining.”
Dawn Wood
Siemens Limited

“I hereby confirm that the NHPA was selected to present Hijack Prevention lectures to all British American Tobacco (BAT) employees on a national basis. We have had extremely positive feedback from all our attendees in regard to both the lecture and the professional manner in which it was presented. I therefore strongly recommend the NHPA lectures.”
Les Dauth
Security Manager (National)
British American Tobacco SA

“A short note to thank you most sincerely for the excellent course I attended last Saturday. It was extremely informative and very necessary. I have no hesitation in recommending it to all my friends, especially as hijacking seems to be on the increase.”
Carol McCarthy
Managing Director
Britannia Cruise & Travel

“Thank you for organising an incredibly interesting morning and presenting a serious topic with insight and humour! It was an eye-opener for all of us.”
Ulrike Foschetti
Personal Assistant to Ralf Markmann
Executive Director – Finance
Siemens Limited

“All staff and family members who have attended the course have made very favourable comments and have been impressed with the way Richard presents his lectures. He has also, on our recommendation, run courses for the British Trade and Investment in Johannesburg and the Department for International Development in Pretoria. The British High Commission highly recommends the NHPA to all concerned.”
Barry Gregory
Security Officer
British High Commission Pretoria

“Ticor SA has utilised the services of the NHPA regularly over the last two years for pro-active hijack prevention training. This training was made available to our staff and their family members. I have received only favourable comments from those who attended and have no hesitation in recommending the NHPA to others.”
Paul Kritzinger
Training Co-ordinator
Ticor SA (Pty) Ltd

“I am sure I can speak on behalf of all of us who attended the course yesterday. THANK YOU.
We enjoyed it and found it very informative. I have informed everyone I know – I think it is of vital importance that we all should take more care!
You are doing a great job and God Bless.”
Anna-Marie Scheepers
Coris Capital

“We would just like to thank you for the course that you provided last night. Richard is an excellent speaker/instructor and I would definitely refer you to other people.”
Heine Bunge

“British High Commission attendees have always found the NHPA training to be highly professional and well informed. Richard discusses hijacking, what is essentially a fearful subject, with great sensitivity and in a manner that empowers rather than scares the attendees into action. I am very comfortable in recommending this course to all concerned.”
John Burton
Head of Security
British High Commission Pretoria

“I have requested the NHPA to give presentations to my Company over the last two years. The presenter, Richard, is articulate, dynamic and knows his subject extremely well. I have received only favourable comments from those who attended the presentations and have no hesitation in issuing this letter of recommendation.”
Elizabeth McFarlane
Marketing & Communications Assistant
AEL Limited

“The presentations have been well prepared and professionally presented. The material covered has given staff insight into the modus operandi of the hijackers and the knowledge of how best to identify and avoid hazardous situations. I can confidently recommend the NHPA as a quality provider in the field of Hijack Prevention & Survival courses.”
John Cloete
Satellite Services Manager

“The presentation given by the NHPA was found by our staff to be very informative and a tremendous assistance to the extent that we have invited Richard back for another session.”
Allan Paton
Murray & Roberts

“The NHPA conducted in-house training for our staff at Sasol Technology Research & Development. They presented an excellent course with relevant content and certainly got the message across in a professional manner.”
Dawid Heymans
Manager Human Resources
SASOL Technology R & D

“The NHPA presented a course on hijack prevention to Vodacom employees and all stated that they were fortunate to have the opportunity to attend as it provided them with the necessary knowledge to protect themselves and their families. This course is recommended to all drivers.”
Lydia Cillie-Schmidt
EHOD: Human Resources Development

“The NHPA has shown the highest level of professionalism. Their course instructor, Richard Brussow, is enthusiastic, dynamic and knows his subject extremely well. The presentations were very well received by our staff due to the course material that was comprehensive and informative. I have no hesitation in recommending the NHPA for any endeavors they pursue.”
Margaret Mackay
Senior Human Resources Manager
Sony SA (Pty) Ltd

“Thank you very much for an informative, enlightening and entertaining discussion on Hijacking and how to avoid being a victim. I certainly found it valuable and immediate feedback from others suggested that it was well received all round.”
Karol Cameron
Technology Manager
Sasol Polymers

“The course was well put together and made me think twice when I got to my car. Handy tips as well as the daunting facts and crime statistics makes one sit up and take notice! I would definitely recommend anyone to attend.”
Lizette van Aardt
Senior Co-ordinator
Engineering: Network Quality
Vodacom Midrand

“The presentation created awareness and the practical demonstration highlighted important things that could potentially put us at risk. The presenter was entertaining, professional and well received by the audience. I would highly recommend that every driver be exposed to this relevant and important information.”
Mary N. Githu
Public Relations Liaison