4X4 Off-Road Training

You’ll learn interesting, but also highly essential information on how to correctly operate a 4 x 4 vehicle as well as off-road driving skills.  The practical training takes place under the guidance and encouragement of our qualified training instructors.

The course content covers all vehicle dynamics, correct use of 4 x 4 transmission and basic 4 x 4 driving techniques such as ascending, descending, gradients, side slopes, cross-wheel articulation, sand / mud etc.



(1.5 hours. To be conducted in lecture room)

☉ Environment
☉ Responsible Driving Approach
☉ Sensible Vehicle Operation
☉ Driver and General Safety
☉ Terminology
☉ Drive Train
☉ Suspension Systems
☉ Petrol vs Diesel
☉ Manual vs Automatic
☉ Tyres and Pressures


☉ Reading Lines
☉ Gradients
☉ Cross-Wheel Articulation
☉ Side Slopes
☉ Driving on Solid Terrain (Sand and Rock)
☉ Driving on Slippery Terrain (Water and Mud)
☉ Wading
☉ Low-water Crossing
☉ Convoy Driving
☉ Recovery Techniques
☉ Familiarisation of Recovery Equipment
☉ Application of Drive Train Systems
☉ Load Securing
☉ Tyres and Practical inflation and deflation

Debrief and Certification

Duration:                      9h00 – 16h00

Vehicles:                      Client to provide

Cost per person:          Price will be based on the number of people attending per day
Minimum 6 students
Maximum 12 students
(Download our price list under DOWNLOADS)

Venue:                         Suitable 4 x 4 facility

Certification:                Competence certificate will be issued to candidates by approved ETDP-SETA qualified Assessors.