Advanced Skidpan / Collision Avoidance

This course offers great fun whilst giving you practical experience in controlling your vehicle in the event of a skid.  All the skidpan exercises teach you the essentials of skid control as well as dealing with slippery roads and adverse road conditions.

You’ll quickly discover that controlling a skidding car often requires you to do the exact opposite to what your brain is telling you. One thing’s for sure, you’ll definitely be impressed with how much you learn about skid control.



(1.5 hours. To be conducted in lecture room)

☉ Importance of a following distance
☉ Braking distance
☉ Tyre safety & grip
☉ Tyre sidewall lettering
☉ Load & speed rating
☉ Four main causes of skids
☉ Front wheel drive skid
☉ Rear wheel drive skid
☉ 4 wheel drive skid
☉ Over steer – recognition & correction
☉ Under steer – recognition & correction


☉ Vehicle Inspection – exterior & interior
☉ Seating Position
☉ Correct steering position
☉ Brake distance recognition (ABS)

Before commencing the different Skidpan exercises, the cause of the skid / loss of control and correction will be explained / demonstrated, where after delegates will practise the following exercises:

☉ Loss of control
☉ Regain of control
☉ Emergency lane change – to left and right
☉ Cadence braking (No ABS vehicle)

Steering skid exercises:

☉ Under steer
☉ Over steer

Debrief and Certification

Duration:                      9h00 – 16h00

Vehicles provided:      VW Polo Vivo 1.6

Cost per person:          Price will be based on the number of people attending per day
Minimum 6 students
Maximum 12 students
(Download our price list under DOWNLOADS)

Venue:                         Gerotek Test Facilities

Certification:              Competence certificate will be issued to candidates by approved ETDP-SETA qualified Assessors