Hijack Prevention & Security Awareness

We are all potential victims of crime in South Africa. It is a horrifying reality we confront each day. Dedicated to achieving confident behaviour, this course provides step-by-step drilled instruction on hijack prevention & increased security awareness.

*** This course is suited to Code B drivers.



  • To improve awareness, enabling you to pre-empt a possible attack & avoid it.
  • How to get yourself / children / passengers safely out of the vehicle in the event of a hijacking.


Motivation behind attacks / Factors that lead to attacks.
Popular locations (top 12 locations) & current modus operandi used.
Operational techniques of the static attacker.
Vehicle to vehicle attack / being followed.
Risks whilst driving at night & how best to overcome them.
How to react during an attack, should you fall victim to the crime.

Practical (no driving)

How to behave in a non-threatening manner & exit the vehicle safely.
How to become a smaller target and protect vital points to increase your chances of survival.
How to look after the safety of children / passengers.

Additional crime topics

Smash & Grab Attacks
Housebreaking / Dog Poisoning

A copy of the Hijack Prevention Guidelines document will be available via electronic mail.


2 hours
Conducted at your premises.

Cost per group:

R5 850-00 minimum fee / group maximum 15 people
R7 150-00 per group of 16 to maximum 30 people
R7 900-00 per group of 31 to maximum 50 people
R8 900-00 per group of 51 to maximum 100 people
R9 350-00 per group of over 100 people

  • Charge will be per training session
  • Pricing excludes VAT