Taxi Minibus Program

This is essentially a Defensive Driving course designed to enhance minibus driving standards and promote the safer operation of minibuses.

What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive Driving is an attitude, a responsible way of thinking and reacting on the road.  It is a frame of mind in which we ensure that we drive with the highest degree of skill, safety and consideration for other road users.  The features which distinguish drivers from others is the ability to maintain required levels of concentration, and to anticipate, assess and respond appropriately to potential hazards continuously over long periods.


This course comprises of a theoretical session followed by practical on road driving with an instructor carefully watching every manoeuvre.

Objectives of the training program

  • Reducing the risk of accidents by improving skills
  • Motivating drivers to improve performance
  • Lay the basis for safe driving habits / change attitude
  • Create awareness of road accidents / threats
  • Improve risk management for the Company


(2 hours. To be conducted in lecture room)

☉ Responsibilities of a professional driver
☉ Ability and willingness to improve your safety on the road (attitude)
☉ What is a hazard?
☉ System of vehicle control
S I P D E system:                      

☉ Commentary driving
☉ Method over overtaking
☉ Reaction time
☉ Following distance  /  Stopping distance  /  Braking distance
☉ Economical driving
☉ Sense of acceleration  /  Speed according to circumstances
☉ Tyre safety & grip
☉ Tyre sidewall lettering
☉ Load & speed rating

The professional driver – Responsibilities:

☉ Obey rules and regulations
☉ Delivery procedures &  delivery instructions followed
☉ Vehicle loading correctly
☉ Driver, a role model for productivity
☉ Attendance and time keeping

The vehicle – Preparation for road transport:

☉ Vehicle dynamics
☉ Vehicle inspections &  Tyres
☉ Basic vehicle mechanics


The defensive driving practical session is aimed at teaching the driver to avoid possible hazardous situations that may occur on the road by looking well ahead, anticipating and reacting correctly.

☉ Vehicle Inspection – exterior & interior
☉ Seating Position
☉ Correct steering position

In-car instruction:

☉ Brake distance recognition (ABS)
Vehicle control
Increasing awareness through the S I P D E system
Correct following & stopping distances
Application of brakes, gears & clutch
Use of mirrors & indicators
Blind spot checks / Avoiding driving in other vehicle’s blind spots
Steering and cornering techniques
Distance judgment, speed /  Sense of acceleration

Debrief and Certification

Duration:                      9h00 – 16h00

Vehicles:                      Client to provide

Cost per person:         Price will be based on the number of people attending per day
Minimum 6 students
Maximum 12 students
(Download our price list under DOWNLOADS)

Venue:                         Your premises

Certification:                Competence certificate will be issued to candidates by approved ETDP-SETA qualified Assessors.